Is $22 million equivalent to a LIFE???

1 07 2009

Aren’t there better ways of earning money thanĀ  accusing someone falsely of such grave offences???

Why can’t people be more responsible and humane in their approach towards materialism???

After Michael’s gone, can the guilt, he died with, be erased???

Should Joe Chandler be made to realize his mistake publicly or is it to be forgotten like nothing happened???

Would Evan Chandler ever live in peace after realizing what he did???


Why do people criticize someone after their death???

30 06 2009

Every human has a positive as well as a negative side but should that be the only judging factor after their death???

I guess NO!!! Michael Jackson was a star in his own right. But his sudden death has created all the speculation and havoc that it should not have. Remember Princess Diana’s death!!!

As soon as someone dies, people start evaluating how good/bad they were irrespective of their any good deed!!! All unwanted attention and rumors start circulating.

Is all this justified!!!