5 09 2011

Many a times you want or start to write but are at loss of words. This kind of feeling has always surrounded me rather never left me. I sit down to write and poof…something comes up and I completely forget it. Well this is me and a part of my life I would be sharing here with all you unknown readers. Hope you thoroughly enjoy it. With love…


A party worth remembering

3 07 2009

It was late Sunday afternoon, when my friend called up. We decided for a small get together at my place late evening. Knowing that my parents would be unavailable in the evening as they had to go out for dinner to our grandma’s house, I quickly figured the party essentials. Some balloons, decorative stuff and finally the food was all that needed. Food was not my head ache as my friend took over that responsibility but the rest was to be arranged by me. When my parents were napping in the afternoon, I quickly took off to the market and arranged all that was required and hid it in my room.

When finally they left for dinner I rang up my friends. One by one they started pouring in and the fun began. Now it so happened that my Ma called me up checking out on me and to inform that they would be late. My happiness knew no bounds. Even though my friends had to return to their respective homes, a little insistence from my side made everyone of them drop their plans. Now our party continued till God knows what time!!!

But finally when we all were tired we dropped off to whatever places we could find to sleep.

When morning came and I woke up, my Ma & Pa were busy setting up the breakfast table for us. I was astonished and ashamed of what they would have to say!!! Finally they called us out for our breakfast. Knowing nothing was left to hide we went downstairs. Later on, they explained to us, that all this while they had known of the party and had knowingly extended their stay at my granny’s house. Since we friends couldn’t meet due to our hectic work schedules, they wanted us to have some fun and relaxation. What better way than this!!! I fell sorry at being so cross at my parents just the very morning of the party!!!

Really, parents are angels. How magically they realize their children’s needs! Without them God knows how we all would have survived!!!

Is $22 million equivalent to a LIFE???

1 07 2009

Aren’t there better ways of earning money than  accusing someone falsely of such grave offences???

Why can’t people be more responsible and humane in their approach towards materialism???

After Michael’s gone, can the guilt, he died with, be erased???

Should Joe Chandler be made to realize his mistake publicly or is it to be forgotten like nothing happened???

Would Evan Chandler ever live in peace after realizing what he did???

Why do people criticize someone after their death???

30 06 2009

Every human has a positive as well as a negative side but should that be the only judging factor after their death???

I guess NO!!! Michael Jackson was a star in his own right. But his sudden death has created all the speculation and havoc that it should not have. Remember Princess Diana’s death!!!

As soon as someone dies, people start evaluating how good/bad they were irrespective of their any good deed!!! All unwanted attention and rumors start circulating.

Is all this justified!!!